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Lindsay George, BSN, RN, ES

Equine Specialist

Lindsay is our resident equine specialist. As a partner in our equine-facilitated sessions, Lindsay knows our herd better than anyone.

Lindsay's areas of expertise include:

  • Ground work experience

  • Horse psychology knowledge

  • Reading horse body language

  • Non-verbal communication

I’ve had a love for horses since I was a little girl. I remember praying to God at night to send me a horse of my own. As it does for most of us, life happened and that little dream faded. I became a nurse, got married and had a family. Little did I know that Jesus would help me find a way to make my once small dream a reality.

It’s been awesome getting to know and working alongside our herd. I’ve enjoyed partnering with The Grassy Ranch to share my love for horses with others. These gentle giants have an amazing way of teaching us a lot about ourselves. So come on out and see us. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Lindsay George, RN: Team
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